RiT’s PatchView IIM To Serve As Backbone to Tianjin Rail Network’s Control Center

RiT Technologies, a leading provider of Converged Infrastructure Management Solutions that enable companies to maximize utilization and security of their network infrastructure, announced today that the Tianjin City Rail Transit of China has deployed RiT’s PatchView™ Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solution to gain real-time Relevant Products/Services visibility and control of their network while increasing availability and operational efficiency. The PatchView IIM solution manages 6,000 intelligent ports used by 22 transit lines. RiT also provides fiber optic cable line subsystem of this backbone communication system. The system was provided in partnership with the China Railway Signal & Communication Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group.

“PatchView will serve as the backbone to Tianjin City Rail Network’s control center communications, giving them an up-to-the-minute view of the status of all devices”, said Feng Zhang with the China Railway Signal & Communication Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group. “This solution provides real-time management and monitoring, via graphical simulation, of all subway stations and routes, and creates alarms for potential network failures that can be responded to quickly to ensure uninterrupted service.”

PatchView gives users a comprehensive real-time view of the network, including all IT assets; pinpointing their exact location and status at the rack, cabinet, room, building and site level. This always-on, constant monitoring of the network has the ability to flag network problems, and identify points of failure before they result in downtime. PatchView also automates regular network maintenance, helping streamline work, eliminate human error and reduce maintenance costs.

“With the growing role of ITSM with RiT’s connectivity solutions to ensure uninterrupted service, having the ability to manage all connected components in real-time is now the rule and not the exception”, said Yossi Ben-Harosh, President and CEO of RiT Technologies. “We are honored to be at the forefront of IIM and to offer PatchView to Tianjin City Rail to provide them with the required visibility into their railway infrastructure to deliver top notch services while enabling them to maximize their resources and optimize capacity.”

About RiT Technologies

RiT Technologies (NASDAQ: RITT) is a leading provider of converged Relevant Products/Services IT infrastructure management and connectivity solutions that improve network utilization, streamline infrastructure operations and enhance data security reduce network operation cost and optimize future investments.

RiT offers a platform that provides a unified way to manage converged systems and services to improve network utilization, streamline infrastructure operations, reduce cost and enhance data security. RiT’s platform includes connectivity solutions such as IIM, (Intelligent Infrastructure Management), converged infrastructure management software, and indoor optical wireless technology.

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