How Much Does a Fiber Optic Technician Make?

Income Range

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 156,350 telecommunications line installers and repairers, including fiber optics technicians, worked in the United States in 2010. The low end of the pay scale was $26,910 per year or $12.94 an hour with the high end topping out at $73,320 per year or $35.25 per hour.

Average Income

The middle 50 percent of fiber optics technicians made between $35,180 and $64,890 per year, which breaks down to between $16.91 and $31.20 per hour in 2010. The mean or average salary was $50,080 per year or $24.08 per hour that same year according to the BLS.

Industry Matters

Fiber optic technicians work in a few industries and all of them have their own average salary for the job. The biggest employing industry in 2010 was wired telecommunications carriers, paying an average $54,200 per year. Cable and other subscription programming companies paid fiber optic technicians a mean $45,970 annually, while building equipment contractors paid $42,550 on average. One of the highest-paying industries for fiber optic technicians was electronic and precision equipment repair and maintenance with an average annual income of $58,400.

Location Differences

Location also changes average salaries. In Florida, a fiber optic technician made an average $45,680 per year while in Texas he earned a mean of $43,930 per year in 2010. The state with the highest employment was California where the average salary was $53,820, followed by New York at a mean of $62,690 per year.