TR-600 Otdr features and technology


Large touch screen+Shortcut keys, easy to operate

Large -capacity polymer lithium battery, long working hours

Intelligence test , simple to use , powerful

RAM+ SD Sim dual media , large storage capacity traces

Meet FTTx Test requirements

Optional multiple wavelengths

Rugged housing design , dustproof













Features of Cheap optic thermometer

  • Core to core alignment by PAS technology
  • ( PAS: Profile Alignment System)Digital fusion splicer with automatic focus function
  • Fiber core can be display clearly
  • Single X or Y view and X & Y view simultaneously
  • Auto detect cleaved endface fault
  • Display fiber cleaved and offset angle
  • Display core and clad offset
  • 6 inch TFT color LCD monitor with clear digital image display
  • USB & VGA interface
  • Software upgrade via USB interface


Functions of Cheap optic thermometer

Applicable fiber SM (ITU-T G.652), MM (ITU-T G.651), DS (ITU-T G.653), NZDS (ITU-T G.655)
Cladding diameter 80 -150μm
Coating diameter 160 – 900μm
Typical splice loss SM 0.02dB, MM 0.01dB, DS 0.04Db, NZDS 0.04dB
Return loss <60dB
Cleaved length 10~16mm ( Diameter of coating < 250μm ) ; 16mm ( Diameter of coating 250~1000μm )
Splicing program 40 groups
Operate mode Manual, Automatic
Auto-Heat Available
Typical splicing time 8 seconds
Heating time 26 seconds for 60mm, 40mm shrinkable sleeve
Magnification 300 times for single display, 150 times for double display
Photoelectric system Two high sensitive cameras, 5.7’ 640×480 colorful LCD
Splicing data record Storing up to 4000 groups of records
Loss evaluation Available
Tension test 1.8~2.2N
Interface GUI menu interface, easy operation
Battery capacity 8800mAh, 250 times fusion and heating, plug gable, real-time power monitor
Power supply Adapter, input: AC 100-240V ( 50/60HZ ) , output: DC 11~13.5V
Electric pole lifetime More than 4000 times fusion, pole can be replaced conveniently
External port USB2.0 port, used to derive splicing record data, software upgrade
Operate environment Altitude: 0~5000m; Relative humidity: 0~98%; Temperature: -20℃~+55℃; Wind speed: max 15m/s
Volume/Weight 160mm(L)×150mm(W)×145mm(H) / 3.4kg (including battery)


Services and Guaranty of Cheap optic thermometer

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Introduction to Electrical Interface of TR-600 OTDR

Introduction to Electrical Interface of TR-600 OTDR

● DC12V/3A Power supply interface
Requirement to power supply interface: input DC12V/3A, polarity: .
● USB,SD Data Interfaces
The instrument is matched with USB and SD card interfaces. SD card interface is matched with a 4G SD card.
The SD card is the default data saving medium of the instrument’s trace files. To plug U disk (≤8G) into the USB
interface can transfer the trace data saved in the instrument into the U disk, and then save the data into the
computer from the U disk to conduct subsequent analysis; or take out the SD card from the instrument and plug
into the computer to conduct subsequent analysis. The data in the U disk can be read only if plug in the U disk
when the instrument is on.
● Charge Indicator
When charging the battery, the indicator is turned on to be green; when charging finished, the indicator will
turn off automatically.
● LAN Ethernet Interface
Several models have such interface.
● Audio Audio Interface
Several models have such interface.

Safety Instruction of Web Optical Time Domain Reflectometer(OTDR)

When using the WEB TR-600 OTDR, pay attention to the following safety measures. Any behavior not adopting these safe
operation methods or not complying with special cautions stated at other places of the manual will violate the safe
designing, manufacturing and using standard of the products.
● Working Environment
Maximum relative humidity 95%, temperature 0℃ ~ +50℃.
● Before connecting to the power
Confirm that the product is set to the matched voltage, is installed with proper safety components and is
adopted with all safety measures.
OTDR use
Please do not during charging boot using the product.
● Do not operate in explosive environment
Do not use the product when inflammable gas or smog existing.
● Do not dismantle the protection sheath of the instrument

How to Upgrade the Software of the Web T2 Fusion Splicer

The user should insert the USB disk with upgrade file into USB interface before software upgrade. When the software upgrade menu of Web T2 Fusion Splicer is selected and pressed, the machine will automatically complete the upgrading. After upgrading, the user should restart the machine.
1.Copy the upgrade document named “boot.dat” to the U-Disk, whose capacity must be more than 2GB.
2.Insert U-Disk into the USB interface of the machine.
3.Power on the machine. Press the Menu button, entering the main menu.
4.Select the option “Function”, and press Enter button “”.
5.Select the option “Software upgrade” in the interface of Function, and press the Enter button , upgrade beginning.
6.After upgraded, pull out U-Disk, and restart the Fusion Splicer.

Heater Mode of Web T1 Fusion Splicer-Automatic and Manual Mode

The Heater menu of Web Fusion Splicer is used to set heating time and heating mode, as shown in Pictue. Heater mode includes two kinds, automatic mode and manual mode. In automatic mode,after the heater the heat shrink tubing loaded and the cover closed, the program begins heating automatically. In manual mode of T1 Fusion Splicer, users need to press the key “HEAT” to begin heating after the heater cover closed.

Heat time needs to set by users according to specific heat shrinkable. Select this option “Heat Time”, and press the Left key  or Right key to change the time. Select the option “Auto Heat”, and press the Left key  or Right key  to change the mode.

T1 fusion splicer -heater

Fusion Records of Web T1 Opticel Fusion Splicer

This option stores working parameters, fiber end face, the environment and date in each splicing. Web T1 Fusion Splicer can store 4000 groups of fusion records. The Enter key  can be pressed to enter the page of fusion record, and the page displays ten groups of fusion records, sequence from top to bottom by the latest fusion time as shown above. Press the  Up key or Down key to the contiguous page. Press the Enter key  to enter the page of fusion records.


Motor Checking -Web T1 Fusion Splicer

Motor checking of Web T1 Fusion Splicer is used to check the motor performance and change the motor position. Total of 4 motors are available for operation.
Press the Enter key to enter the video interface. Press the Enter key to switch the left and right motors. The align motor of Fusion Splicer will move up or down by pressing the Up key or Down key . The push motor will drive left or right by pressing the Left key or Right key .


How to Export Fusion Records Memories in the Web T1 Fusion Splicer

The option is used to export the fusion records memories in the machine. After the U disk inserted into the USB port, choose this option and press the key to confirm fusion records export. As picture shown, program begins to test USB port and then find the records. If there’s no record, program will prompt error.


Tension Test of Web T1 Fusion Splicer

Open the option of Web T1 fusion splicer, splice completed, the machine would impose 2 Newton’s pulling on the fiber to test the quality of splicing. If the fiber broken, it means the fusion failure. Press the Enter key  to switch the tension state between ON and OFF.